For her sophomore album, singer-songwriter Erin Kay wanted to keep her songs simple and raw. But working with producer Grammy nominated producer Miles Wilkinson (Guy Clark), the arrangements grew and flourished into the wild and rich debut full length album, Silver and Gold. Slowly put together over two years, the record is an expansive release, with big melodies and big heart.

The record began after Erin Kay left B.C. with her then 1-year-old daughter, ending up in Alberta, a single mother. Kay began to write herself a new story, and in reconstituting her experience into a backstory, those narrative foundations became songs. Silver and Gold, which would become the title track on the album, found Erin scribing her pain and optimism into narrative by being as honest as she could about what she had been through. The album debuted Nationally at #5 on ear shots folk/roots/blues chart and has now been nominated for three Edmonton Music awards. 

Silver and Gold represent what is promised – a ring, a medal – but can be found for yourself if you truly look for it. Sifting through the dirt of our lives, we can find and cultivate what’s precious, we do not have to wait until it is given to us.

The album features empowering narratives of breaking free from one’s life, and finding love through trying circumstances. The album also includes a powerful pop lullaby, sung for Kay’s daughter: the heartfelt ‘You are the Moon’ which even features a children’s choir and a recording of the daughter herself.

There is a contour to Kay’s voice that speaks volumes. Soft melodies unfold with a delicate breath akin to Joni Mitchell, and then escalate with a learned boldness. At once piercing and fragile, empathetic and independent, Kay carves new paths with unparalleled courage.

Kay hopes that her music will inspire others to see what’s precious in their own lives, and reclaim their own stories, specifically women struggling with abuse. Kay is taking this even further by spearheading an initiative entitled ‘I am Enough,’ which puts female identified artists on stage to share their music and stories while raising funds to support Women’s United.